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@Read Pdf õ The Two Lives of Lydia Bird ⚢ In This Next Captivating Love Story From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of One Day In December, A Young Woman Is Reunited With Her Late Fianc In A Parallel Life But Is This Happy Ending The One She Really Wants Lydia And Freddie Freddie And Lydia They D Been Together For Than A Decade, And Lydia Thought Their Love Was IndestructibleBut She Was Wrong On Her Twenty Eighth Birthday, Freddie Died In A Car AccidentSo Now It S Just Lydia, And All She Wants To Do Is Hide Indoors And Sob Until Her Eyes Fall Out But Lydia Knows That Freddie Would Want Her To Try To Live Fully, Happily, Even Without Him So, Enlisting The Help Of His Best Friend, Jonah, And Her Sister, Elle, She Takes Her First Tentative Steps Into The World, Open To Life And Perhaps Even Love AgainBut Then Something Inexplicable Happens That Gives Her Another Chance At Her Old Life With Freddie A Life Where None Of The Tragic Events Of The Past Few Months Have HappenedLydia Is Pulled Again And Again Across The Doorway Of Her Past, Living Two Lives, Impossibly, At Once But There S An Emotional Toll To Returning To A World Where Freddie, Alive, Still Owns Her Heart Because There S Someone In Her New Life, Her Real Life, Who Wants Her To StayWritten With Josie Silver S Trademark Warmth And Wit, The Two Lives Of Lydia Bird Is A Powerful And Thrilling Love Story About The What Ifs That Arise At Life S Crossroads, And What Happens When One Woman Is Given A Miraculous Chance To Answer Them romance intriguing plot pretty cover written by my five star author must buy A beautiful, hypnotic love story Lucky Lydia She has it all Let s start with her charming Fianc Freddy, then there s her best friend and Freddies since they were school kids, Jonah And let s not forget her dear mom and sister She s positively over the moon happy with her picture perfect life Today is Lydias Birthday But there won t be anything happy about this day Life is about to take a serious turn for the worst after her Freddie is involved in a tragic accidentLydia is in the grips of immense grief and finds it quite impossible to move on Finally her sister steps in, taking her to get some much needed help First step sleep If Lydia can just sleep a few hours then maybe the healing process can begin She s given a prescription for a trial medication One that will let her sleep deeply and dream vividly But are these really just dreams Is she still able to have the life she always wanted When I read Josie Silver s previous book One Day In December I was captivated So when I saw her latest release was available, I was first in line And yup I loved this one even Josie Silver writes from the heart A profound love story that touched my soul and left me once again in a puddle of tears An absolute must read for 2020 A buddy read with Susanne that we both loved Thank you to NetGalley Random House Publishing Group Ballantine and Josie Silver for an ARC to read and review 5 Lovely Lyrical Magical Stars Do you believe in Magic In the possibility of getting back the life you lost For Lydia Bird, that possibility becomes a reality when her best friend and fianc Freddie Hunter passes away in a car crash and she discovers a magical way to be with him againBest Friends, the love of each other s lives, and hopeless romantics Lydia and Freddie had it all, until one day, that love was taken away from them, leaving Lydia s life in shambles Her mother, her sister and Jonah Jones her other best friend , are left to pick up the pieces Lydia doesn t know how she ll survive, until it happens Until she discovers a lovely and captivating way to be with Freddie What happens when her real life calls to her The place where she has begun to find her true self, to let go and begin again Torn in two, Lydia must make a choice In The Two Lives of Lydia Bird I found myself completely taken in, hypnotized and mesmerized, by Lydia, the idea of magic and true love Tears fell and I no ability to stop them I fell for Lydia, Freddie, Jonah, Elle, Ryan and all of Lydia s coworkers This novel cast a spell over me and then some It is lovely, lyrical, heartwarming and heart wrenching and I loved it with all of my heart I loved One Day in December Josie Silver s debut, and was eagerly awaiting her follow up and this does not disappoint This was a delightful buddy read with Kaceey, of course Thanks for sharing in this magical read with me Kaceey A Huge thank you goes out to Colleen Nuccio at Random Publishing House Ballantine, NetGalley and Josie Silver for the arc Published on Goodreads and NetGalley on 12.25.19. Josie Silver follows the fabulous One Day in December with this in depth study of the heartbreaking grief and loss experienced by Lydia Bird when on her 28th birthday, her fiance, Freddie Hunter dies in a car accident, whilst his best friend, Jonah Jones, whilst injured, lives to walk free Lydia lived with Freddie in Shropshire, her whole life had revolved around him since they were fourteen years old at school and they were planning their wedding for the following year To say that Lydia s life falls apart is an understatement, the overwhelming grief is too much for her, and adjusting to life without Freddie is not a scenario she can accept Silver uses the device of sleeping pills that offer Lydia the surprising pathway through lucid dreaming to continue her life with Freddie This allows her to escape the harsh, unforgiving landscape of grief and avoid passing through that challenging process sentiently.However, it means that her waking hours are to be endured and survived whilst she lives her real life with the love of her life with Freddie in her sleeping hours This is, of course, problematic for all those who love Lydia, her mum, and her best friend and older sister, Elle It takes her some time to become aware that they are supporting her through the wreckage of her life, the guardians of her sanity Her feelings towards Jonah are complicated and she just can t face him, even though her friendship with him is even longer than that with Freddie Through the years they have been a close knit trio, even though Lydia had resented him at times It is Jonah that helps her by getting her to attend a grief workshop when she really did not want to It takes almost 3 months before a fragile Lydia can make herself go back to work, only to understand that Phil, Ryan, Julia and Dawn have been there for her in ways that had just not crossed her mind.It begins to dawn on Lydia that she has reasons to live in the real world and slowly acknowledge the hitherto impossible concept that perhaps there will be someone for her after Freddie It is oh so hard for her to let go of Freddie but having to live without him is beginning to change her, she can no longer be the same woman she used to be, she must inevitably evolve Josie Silver writes a compulsive tear jerker, of a young woman having to come to terms with her world falling apart, struggling through the process of grief until she is strong enough to pick up the pieces of her life and forge a new path for herself It is Silver s wonderful writing, with bags of humour and her brilliant characters that makes this such a great read and I have no doubt that so many readers will absolutely love this Many thanks to Penguin UK for an ARC.