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Well, this was VERY CUTE.It s like You ve Got Mail but slipped into a modern jacket Two classmates from rival food chains start a full blown Twitter war, not knowing that they re pouring their hearts out to each other on an anonymous chat app every night It s brilliant and it s disgustingly cute.You should definitely pick this up if you re into heart warming books, enemies to lovers romances, Mean Girls references, and a whole bunch of amazing baking scenes Honestly, I love MCs who bake so much It s so comforting But maybe don t read this book on an empty stomach, because you will go craving pastries Definitely gonna need me a few slices of that Monster Cake to go, thanks Thank you to NetGalley St Martin s Press for providing me with a copy 3.75 5 stars e ARC received from NetGalley Is it weird if I say that its title is Tweet Cute butI HATE THIS TWEET THING THE MOST IN THE BOOK Not because it s bad but I feel so annoyed irritated with this tweet thing throughout the book In the first 40%, whatever Jack and Pepper are trying to play against each other on Twitter is totally CHILDISH I wouldn t say like this if they tweet against each other by using personal account but they don t They use their restaurant official account to tweet which I don t think anyone would do it in real life since it might cause a lot of problems to their business But after that, I m annoyed because when Jack and Pepper already stop tweeting, Pepper s mom and Ethan Jack s identical twin don t They continue tweeting and tweeting against each other It annoys me so much that ughhh I want to burn Twitter down Which is in fact, I absolutely cannot do that because Twitter is my life Despite that, I truly enjoy the rest of the story especially the WEAZEL app thing I really love the idea of this application that I wish I could hire Jack to create this application in real life To sum up, I would say that this book is a fun and quick read for everyone It s really easy to enjoy because the story is cute and the characters are hilarious as hell Sorry for an inappropriate word but this word can describe best And if you think this book seems cheesy, I can confirm that you re right, it s cheesy But who cares Sometimes we just need a cheesy book to read KEYWORD dating app swimming grilled cheese secret ingredient twitter warThank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this e ARC to me in exchange for an honest review. FOUR CUTEST SWEETEST FLUFFIEST TWITTING CYBERDATING SMARTEST STARS Welcome to the present time retelling of You ve got mail DIFFERENCES There is no competition between local book shop and Barnes and Noble store, we had a local deli famous with its signature cheese sandwich versus burger joint that stole deli s special cheese sandwich recipe and declares the secret recipe belonged to them We don t have stubborn as hell but charming as well adults like younger version of Tom and chick lit version of Meg We have overachiever, responsible, competitive, serious, swim team captain PEPPER and smart, witty, sarcastic, technical genius JACK is also responsible, family oriented, hard worker boy who hated to be overshadowed by his popular, leader, charming identical twin brother They don t send EMAILS They sent TWITS Actually they fight via TWITTER But they also secretly cyber date on the application Jack designed And in their normal life, they re FRENEMIES who don t stand with each other but unfortunately they sit next to each other at the classes They know the rule about keeping enemy closer There are lots of PASTRIES, SWEETS,DESERTS on this book which gave me real cravings and threw a 3 am baking party at my kitchen I m the worst cook so I woke my husband up to cook for me Shame on my sweet tooth SIMILARITIES Tension between characters, story development enemies to friends to lovers.Undeniable chemistryThe complication when they find out their secret identities.Never ending rivalryStory located in NYC.They didn t meet the famous French Caf Lalo was the best location of the movie Please try its Nutella cheesecake when you stop by then write me thank you notes But the characters met at the coffee shop Pepper actually has great gift about creating different, tasteful deserts which helped her seduce Jack at the first bite SUMMARY It s fluffy, swoony, smart, entertaining, fast pacing, full of memes and popular culture references and social media forms Sometimes their cyber fight overshadowed the romance part which a little disturbed me but mostly I really enjoyed this debut novel It made me smile, feel good and have so much fun Such a funny, positive, joyful reading Thanks to Netgalley and Wednesday Books to share this incredible ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review Okay Okay, I admit I was a bit too enthusiastic earlier with that five star rating But in my defence I had a fever So clearly you can t trust me when I m sick I ll hand out five stars to anything Five stars WHAT yep and I will not apologise.I had a bad day yesterday and this book really turned everything around Yes it was cheesy and gooey in its cuteness But it was exactly what I needed Full review to come Pre ReviewTwitter wars and family business rivalry.I m sold Thank you to Wednesday Books for providing me with an e ARC Publishing date 21 January 2020 I watch him go, all tall legs and long strides, and realize just before I turn back that I m still smiling like an idiot Somehow, though, I don t have it in me to stopPre order This Book on Series No Genre YA Romance POV Alternating Cliffhanger No Content Warnings Expect fluffiness and memes Read if you are a fan of What If It s Us and other light and fluffy romances I was given the chance to read this book via the publisher granting my Netgalley wishlist It s the first time it ever happened to me, so thank you so much, St Martin s Press Wednesday Books I requested for this book because of the promise of cutesy giddy slight love hate romance between the two leads Before I go further with my review, let me just say this the book met my expectations.In this story, we meet Pepper and Jack Pepper is the smart overachiever and the daughter of giant fast food chain Big League Burger s owners Jack is the class clown who feels that he is overshadowed by his twin and he is the son of the owner of the deli, Girl Cheesing.When BLB introduces a grilled cheese on their menu, Girl Cheesing called copycat on Twitter which began a Twitter war Both Pepper and Jack have control on each company s twitter account and they focus on trying to one up the other.In the world where Twitter wars happening everyday, and brands being snarky and meme addicted, this was such a fun book to read.I love getting inside the minds of both Pepper and Jack, especially when they use the anonymous chat app, Weazel Both Pepper and Jack were loving and responsible children and watching them learn about each other while learning about themselves was such a great experience.Though fun and cheesy, this book also hits serious notes like pursuing your passions, sibling rivalries, friendship, honesty, education, and deciding on your career paths.All in all, this was a great debut for other Emma Lord Congratulations I cannot wait to get my hands on the final copy when it hits the shelves next year THE CRITERIA Blurb Main Character Significant Other Support Characters Writing Style Character Development Romance Pacing Ending Unputdownability Book Cover FINAL VERDICT 4.55 5Much thanks to NetGalley, Wednesday Books, and St Martin s Press for this complimentary copy This review is voluntary and opinions are fully my own Also, all quotes are taken from the ARC and may be different in the final published copyBlog Bookstagram INITIAL REVIEW This book looks like those social media AUs I ve been reading on Twitter. Haters to Lovers Twitter Food Sounds fluffy AND PUNS AS IF I CAN RESIST ARC provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review 4.25 at a meet cuteThis book is for you if are looking for a relatable teenage love story that involves tons of baking inspirations and cute fights with a slight Gossip Girl filter with all the over the top intrigues and drama Overall.When the publisher granted my wish to read and review this book in advance, I was totally over the moon Seriously, the e mail made me smile like a doofus at 6.45 am I am n.o.t. a morning person, so this says loads about the hopes I had for this book I expected a cute and funny love story with a lot of teenage angst and issues my past teenager self could relate to I was not disappointed.I felt especially invested in the book when the main characters had arguments with their parents Having turned 25 myself this year, I still have these kind of arguments with my mom where you seem to work all the logic into arguing your case and also knowing it is definitely you who should leave the courtroom of family arguments as the winner, whereas my mother is hell bent on staying convinced she did nothing wrong and it is, in fact, her being victimized and not she making herself the victim just because that seems to be the easier role Only midway through the book I actually consciously realised that I was following the story of teenagers, not in fact, kids about to graduate from college And it really disagreed with me Recalling just too well how I was at the age of 17 it just seemed a bit implausible, to name their self confident, wise beyound their years attitude And before y all hit me with thatThat s what happens when you work at your parents business from a young age oncrap s.h.u.s.h I worked at my fathers bakery and tutored younger kids before from a very early age on.Throughout the 3.5 days it took me to get through this lovely book I always caught myself being excited to get back to it.What s happening.Pepper She can t remember the last time she was able to let go of all the stress and pressure of handling being at a prestigious high school where she has swim captain duties and needs to keep top of the class grades, the booming franchise business of her parents burger place Big League Burger, mediating between her mother and her sister Paige, and keeping up their food blog Pepper, much like me, has peculiar ways of dealing with her stress bakingAdd chocolate chips, butter, flour, salt, cocoa powder, eggs, and embarrassment than the body of a teenage girl can possibly contain, set the oven to a bajillion degrees and set the whole damn thing on fire There are only two things that bring Pepper relief the blissful hours she spends at the swimming pool and chatting at anonymously with the mysterious Wolf Being able to be herself is a rare enough thing with her mother burdening her with the task to make their business a twitter sensation.Jack Although he loves his family s deli Girl Cheesing to bits, it is hard to always compete with the older twin for some recognition, both from his family and his fellow school mates Golden boy Ethan always seems to excel at whatever he is doing, even though sometimes it s actually Jack doing those things for himI resent the assumption that just because I don t have debate club practices or someone to make out with on the steps of the Met, his time is somehow worth than mine It is adorable how Jack is almost like the great Chandler Bing in his way to deal with all the uncomfortable situations he finds himself inTwo people asked for my number , Ethan says You already have a boyfriend , I remind him, poking one eye out to glare And I told them that But you didn t think to mention you have an identical twin His two opportunities for a timeout from the life he feels alienated from are his passion for building apps and chat time with Bluebird She seems so honest and at ease with him even though there are only few intimate details they share with each other as not to reveal their true identities PepperJack Being a student at a school that enforces a competitive spirit that goes way beyond what is healthy and productive for a decent learning environment sure ain t child s play It is aspects such as this one that makes me shake my head in disbelief when I catch people making jokes about students and how they have it easy They don t.Whereas their paths only cross for official school matters in a somewhat detached way, is is the online time they spend with each other unknowingly that gives them a reason to smile But all of a sudden, their real life interaction becomes much personal in than just one way on the one hand, they need to arrange their two teams to share the pool and on the other hand, they unknowingly begin a twitter war each being the business opponent of the other that get s way too personal way too quickly As the tweets become meaner one cannot help but wonder if the connection that is coming together between the two will survive the spitfire between Girl Cheesing and Big League Burger Especially, since it seems to surpass the borders of friendshipWriting quality easy of reading 5 pace 4 plot development 4 characters 4 enjoyability 4 insightfulness This eArc was provided by Wednesday Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you very much 2.5 starsAn Okay ish read, but a little bit cheesy for my liking A copy was kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you. Y all this book was SO GOOD I CAN T EVEN HANDLE IT If you enjoy lighthearted, witty YA contemporary, you absolutely NEED to add this to your 2020 TBRs This book was just so fun and current and sassy while also being just the right amount of serious and I am just so enad with it I hesitate to compare it to anything else because it is so very much it s own thing, but I will say that this was like a mix of Jenn Bennett and Emma Mills with extra large dash of humor thrown into the mix and I JUST REALLY REALLY LIKED THIS AND YOU ALL NEED TO READ IT OKAY OKAY Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me an advance copy in exchange for this review I discussed this book in detail in this video on my BookTube channel ^Free Epub ⇰ Tweet Cute ↵ A Fresh, Irresistible Rom Com From Debut Author Emma Lord About The Chances We Take, The Paths Life Can Lead Us On, And How Love Can Be Found In The Opposite Place You ExpectedMeet Pepper, Swim Team Captain, Chronic Overachiever, And All Around Perfectionist Her Family May Be Falling Apart, But Their Massive Fast Food Chain Is Booming Mainly Thanks To Pepper, Who Is Barely Managing To Juggle Real Life While Secretly Running Big League Burger S Massive Twitter AccountEnter Jack, Class Clown And Constant Thorn In Pepper S Side When He Isn T Trying To Duck Out Of His Obscenely Popular Twin S Shadow, He S Busy Working In His Family S Deli His Relationship With The Business That Holds His Future Might Be Love Hate, But When Big League Burger Steals His Grandma S Iconic Grilled Cheese Recipe, He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Take Them Down, One Tweet At A TimeAll S Fair In Love And Cheese That Is, Until Pepper And Jack S Spat Turns Into A Viral Twitter War Little Do They Know, While They Re Publicly Duking It Out With Snarky Memes And Retweet Battles, They Re Also Falling For Each Other In Real Life On An Anonymous Chat App Jack BuiltAs Their Relationship Deepens And Their Online Shenanigans Escalate People On The Internet Are Shipping Themtheir Battle Gets And Personal, Until Even These Two Rivals Can T Ignore They Were Destined For The Most Unexpected, Awkward, All The Feels Romance That Neither Of Them Expected